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West Washington Street: The property to the west of the wooden buildings which were on the southwest corner of W. Washington & S. Main Streets.

Historically there was a building on W. Washington St., south side, east of what is now a public way (alley). In 1939, this was the site of Carlton V. Sloat's venetian blind shop. A Clarkston News article of 6/17/1938 advertised "Charm" venetian blinds. Sloat was also taking orders for E-Z rowboats, 14' long x 45" side with 16' red cedar sides. A fire started in this building in 1939 destroying it and the buildings to the east which fronted on Main St. north of the brick building at 5 S. Main. See photo below.Picture of 1 & 3 South Main Street After Fire 1939

Historically the 1872 Map of the Village had the footprint of the Yager (Jedediah Yager) blacksmith shop which was described in tax records as 28' x51' (on this site). Tax records for the Clarkston mill property cited a cooper shop to the west of this at the time. Please note that the right side of the1939 fire photo shows a small building on the northeast corner of the Mill site.

Official Property Description:

Significant Property History:

[A Synopsis Of Property Transfers Derived From Abstracts
(when available) And Periodic Changes In Ownership Or
Assessed Value Derived From Township Tax Records]

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